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Give Yourself a 30 Day Challenge – Every Month

I like 30 day challenges, but I’m not usually consistent.  This is a problem.  I read once that it didn’t matter what diet or fitness progam that you chose, that as long as you were consistent, you would get results.  I suppose I mostly agree with that.  Might not be the exact results you want, but you’d likely get some kind of result (good or bad).

So, here I am at the beginning of the year thinking all positive and being all motivated, wishing I’d planned ahead a little more instead of enjoying the time off and eating chocolate.  I spent too much time on Pinterest looking at the plethora of thirty day challenges out there (they don’t all relate to diet and exercise).  I wanted to choose something someone else had written because I might write up something too hard and then get discouraged.  The other problem is I get so motivated January 1 that I can easily choose fifty challenges or more.  

I’ve picked out five challenges.  Whether they are the best or most important doesn’t matter.  It matters that I get going and try my darndest to be consistent in the new year.  I don’t want to just do these challenges, but I want to do challenges every month and just be more consistent all around.  I know one of the reasons that I gained weight in 2016 was that I never got into a consistent exercise program for the year.  *Part of the problem was too many ideas about what I should be doing and too much personal things going on and maybe some laziness.

I want to encourage you to pick at least one 30 day challenge for yourself.  You could either pick your worst bad habit and try to change it or you could pick an easy challenge to give yourself a feeling of accomplishment and motivate yourself towards more.  Please pick something though.  I also want to post regularly about my 30 day challenges as another way to provide information.  I plan to make teaching points with my posts (not just be all about me and my trials and tribulations).

Here’s an overview of my 30 day challenges.  I actually chose to do nothing with diet this month, because I’ve spent far too much time on diet in the past.  I know by now what I can eat and can’t.  I’m just going to try to be more consistent on the healthy eating.

Challenge #1 – Fitness photo challenge: I saw this on Pinterest and thought I would try it becaue I actually rarely ever take pictures (and that alone would be a challenge).  Yes, the theme throughout the 30 days seems to be taking pics that relate to your personal fitness.  Some are simply things like your favorite workout outfit.  I figured it would help me create more personal posts than I have done in the past (which is almost never), but I could still provide you with some advice.  I can’t say that I will post every day on the website (time), but I am going to try to do posts every few days to discuss progress.  

Challenge #2 – Leg workout challenge:  There are tons of these types of challenges all over the internet (easily found on Pinterest).  Some are ridiculously hard though, like burpee challenges where you wind up doing 500 burpess by day 30.  C’mon, man, ain’t nobody got time for that.  Anyways, I chose this leg workout challenge because it wasn’t ridiculous, and because I am trying to get in better shape for running, as discussed in next challenge.

Challenge #3 –  Run/Walk challenge:  Most everyone that knows me knows I hate running and consider it to not be so great for many people (particularly women).  But that’s another story.  So, even though I hate running, I somehow got suckered into running a 5k on April 1st.  I have walked 5ks before, but never ran them because of aforementioned loathing of running.  I’m good with the occassional sprint though.  That can be healthy.  I do think that it would be an okay thing if I could manage to run at least one mile (if not three) without dying.  My goal by April 1 is to be able to run 3 miles without stopping or dying.  Of course, my definition of running is like a cheetah is chasing me.  I’m either all out or I’m walking.  I can’t seem to manage a speed in between leisurely walk and OMG! I’m gonna die.  Even for people in better shape than me, it’s hard to sprint for 3 miles.  So, this walk/run challenge is to help me develop a pace that is faster than walking that I can maintain to complete a 5k.

Challenge #4 – Clean my house:  I’m the same way with cleaning as I am with running.  All or nothing, baby!  It winds up that things go dirty for awhile (I won’t admit to how long) then I need like an entire day or two to thoroughly scrub and scour to make things sparkle.  You know, instead of like taking a few minutes per day to wipe stuff down, etc.  Things are so cluttered and dirty right now that I can’t just step into a daily cleaning routine (although I looked at those on Pinterest and thought ‘who has time for that?’).  So, I chose a monthly clean list that I found that will hit some of the big things and is doable on the weekends, and then just work mysef into a little more consistency on the regular cleaning.  Maybe by next year, I can break out some of the wonderful daily cleaning checklists I found.

Challenge #5 – De-clutter my house:  This is like the third or fourth year that this has been at the top of my resolutions.  The clutter does keep some of the cleaning from happening.  I have made progress in the last couple of years thanks to a wonderful friend who likes cleaning and de-cluttering, but I probably have a long way to go still.  My house truly does not look like an episode of hoarders, but I hoard certain things.  For instance, books.  That’s not necessarily a terrible thing to hoard, but at one point, they were stacked everywhere.  The past progress has been to finally get all the books neatly into bookcases.  But if I get anymore books, I need more bookcases.  The real goal with the books is to read them and get rid of them.  There are very few I want to keep long run.  I know I should just get rid of some without reading, but I am OCD about reading them all word for word.  Books aren’t the only clutter though.  There’s plenty of other clutter, but it’s like all stuff with value, so it takes longer to deal with.  I’m not one of theose people who just hoards trash.   I picked two checklists related to this project.  One is titled something like 52 weeks to a more organized house.  It felt better to think I have 52 weeks rather than 30 days.  The other was 60 things to throw out in 60 days.  Surely I can throw out one thing per day.  Somedays I won’t have to throw out anything because I don’t have what’s on the checklist (example – throw out child’s broken toy).  

These are just my starts for January.  Some will continue on and some won’t.  We shall see.  I actually have a set of five other challenges, but I related those to my alter ego (romance author).  I’ll be posting on my author website about those.  So, yes, brutally, I have ten challenges to keep up.  But I could easily be ambitious to bog myself down with fifty, but then nothing else would get done at all.

Let me know what challenges you choose for yourself!


One thought on “Give Yourself a 30 Day Challenge – Every Month”

  1. Jessica says:

    These challenges are all great and definitely things I know you can do! Your challenges gave me some ideas for things that I might consider for my own 30 day challenge. I’ll be starting a little late and so I guess I’ll have a 24 day challenge for this month. The first thing I’d like to try to work towards is not being late for everything. So, I’m going to challenge myself to be early or on time for events, work and assignments. I too would like to be able to run a 5k without popping a lung. I ran one in November and ended up being really disappointed with myself. I want to work toward a better pace as well. I’ll start with just these two challenges for the next 24 days. Thanks for sharing your challenges to motivate me and give me some great ideas.

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