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New Year Fitness Photo Challenge – Days 1-5 Discussion

So, if you saw my post about my new year’s resolution to do multiple 30 day challenges, you know I found a fitness photo challenge to do.  The main goal is really for me to use these daily challenges to give everyone tips and encouragement.  *I need a goal of seriously working on my photo skills.

Day 1 – Before Photo:  Of course day 31 is to post the After Photo.  I’m not one to be all into before/after photos.  I’m more about are you healthier?  Do you feel better?  Let those be your guides.  Personally, I have never liked pictures of me even when I was at my fittest.  Although, looking back on it, I should have taken more pictures then.  I’m older now and my hormones hate me more, so getting back to how I looked five years ago is not easy, and maybe not healthy either.  More than once in my life I have been underweight from a health perspective.     In pursuit of having abs that show and looking trim and fit, I went overboard at one point and blew out my adrenals (cortisol) and other hormones and gained 20 lbs and turned into a wreck.  *That’s a longer story, but the moral is focus on health, not looks.  Anyways, while I weigh about 10-15 lbs heavier than I want to, I’m still considered normal weight and normal body fat, so for someone my size, it is honestly hard to make a dramatic looks change in 30 days.  Trust me, there are dishonest postings of before/after pictures out there, so don’t think you are a loser if you don’t make a dramatic change in 30 days.  Most of us don’t.  But you can make some change in 30 days.  I never take selfies, so this before picture was spur of the moment.  Just what I was wearing around the house that day.  You can tell I don’t know how to take selfies.  *If you saw my slimmer, trimmer photo from my 30 day challenge discussion, you can tell in this before photo that I’m a pear and put weight on in my stomach, hips, and thighs.

Day 2 – 4 Goals:  I already shared about my challenges.  I have tons of goals at all times.  To make this easier, I just wrote down 4 good goals that are on my mind right now.  Two about eating and two about exercise.  I gained 3 lbs of fat in 2016, and I know two contributors were less veggies and fewer workouts (and probably eating too late at night).  As mentioned in the 30 day challenge blog, I am short term working on being a runner for this upcoming 5k.  I have no intentions of being a runner long term, but I think I would like to at least maintain being able to do a 10 minute mile.  I know some of you are already better than that, but I’m not now, and I’m good with that as a goal.  It’s good to have goals that you can maintain longer term.  

Day 3 – Healthy Breakfast – If you have followed me for any length of time, or been in a class, you might know that I am proponent of getting in a 500 calorie or better breakfast that is primarily protein and fat with 20g carbs or less, unless you are athletic and active.  I post recipes on this site for eggs and meat breakfasts.  You don’t have to eat typical breakfast foods, you can eat what you want that is clean protein and healthy fat.  If you need convenience, try a drink with protein and fat.  I did have a picture of some eggs and turkey sausages that I had for breakfast, but now I think I must have deleted the picture.  Oh well, just look at my recipes.

Day 4 – Goal Outfit – Hmmm, I couldn’t pick one.  I don’t have one.  I do have some clothes still hanging around from when I was wearing size 0 and size 2, but I’m selling those on ebay or donating them.  Yes, I kind of like the idea of being that small, but I’m over 40 now, and I just don’t think that thin is right for me anymore.  I do think I’m best around a size 4.  There are some size 4 things I can get on (but it’s not pretty), but I definitely cannot wear size 4 jeans.  So, I picked size 4 jeans as my goal outfit.  I’m not much of a jeans wearer, but I do wear them sometimes, and I’d like to get back into a size 4 with no muffin top.  Jeans are just harder to get into than exercise pants and skirts and dresses (which are the things I wear most), so I’m picking jeans.  Look at these cute ones with the hippie stitching (they are a 4P).  My advice to you is to be realistic about what size your goal is to wear (if that’s a goal).  If you are a tall, large boned woman, you would probably have to shed muscle, bones, and organs in addition to fat to get into a size 0.  

Day 5 – Show Me Your Guns – I had several smarty pants comments and photos for this one, but instead I took a quick, haphazard photo to move on.  I’d like nicer arms, but they are not my main body part focus.  Now, on a man, yes, I like to focus on nice arms.  If you want nicer arms, pull-ups and push-ups are great for that.  If you need more advice than that, let me know.  There are plenty of other exercise, but you can’t use 5 lb dumbbells and get rockin’ arms.  Takes more weight than that (your bodyweight, i.e. push-up is more than 5 lbs.).  *I was going to take the picture from the other side of my arm because it looks better, but apparently I need to shave.




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