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New Year Fitness Photo Challenge – Days 6-10 Discussion

So, if you saw my post about my new year’s resolution to do multiple 30 day challenges, you know I found a fitness photo challenge to do.  The main goal is really for me to use these daily challenges to give everyone tips and encouragement.  *I need a goal of seriously working on my photo skills.

Read about days 1-5 here.

Day 6 – Energizing Snack:  I am not an advocate of snacking.  I think it’s mostly a way for food companies to sell more products.  I mean what if all packaged, processed “foods” sold as snacks were eliminated?  Billions of dollars in revenue gone.  I’m an advocate of managing your diet so that you feel good with three squares a day (or even two).  Having said that, I know we are in a busy world that almost causes us to need snacks.  My favorite snack choices would involve protein and fat and not much carbs.  Nuts, meat jerky, for example.  But I know some of you might like a sweet snack.  So, I decided to take a picture of one of my usual two “cheat snacks”.  One is a Larabar.  My other cheat snack (no picture) is organic dark chocolate.  

Day 7 – Music That Gets You Movin’:  Lots of music gets me moving.  I definitely have to have music during my workouts.  Studies show that most people have better workouts while listening to music.  I like to tailor my music to the type of workout that I am doing (and some days it is just what my mood is).  I am typically a hard rock kind of gal for lifting weights or hitting the heavy bag.  I am more pop and fast beat stuff for cardio.  I like more mellow stuff for doing mobility exercises.  I can listen to a fairly wide variety of stuff to get me pumping.  For today’s challenge, I took a picture of my Tabata playlist.  Since it’s for Tabata style workouts, this is mostly fast beat music.  I need to add way more music to this playlist.          *Over on my alter-ego website, I have been blogging about a 30 day song challenge for writers that I’m doing.  I really do listen to all kinds of stuff.

Day 8 – Motivational Quote:  Rather than take an actual picture, I’m linking you to my Facebook page where I sometimes post motivational quotes, like this one.  If you like motivational quotes, then please check out my fitness and health related motivational quotes board on Pinterest.   *Be sure to Like me on FB and follow me on Pinterest.

Day 9 – Favorite Workout Clothes:  I really don’t have a favorite outfit.  If I had an outfit that made me look lean and buff, that would be my favorite outfit.  I really do practice what I preach.  I don’t wear synthetics (mostly).  I’m usually wearing exercise pants and t-shirts made of cotton.  The only synthetic is sometime my sports bra because cotton ones are less common.  I am a big fan of recycling and not spending money, so all of my workout clothes come from thrift stores.  The vast majority of all my clothes are cotton and come from thrift stores.  Just trying to save the planet and spend my money on organic food instead of clothes.  I picked one of my more favored exercise pants and my Punisher t-shirt.  The Punisher tee is for lifting days.  

Day 10 – Show Them Legs:  Are they kidding?  It’s winter.  You’ll be blinded.  I had to find an older picture of my legs.  *Actually my legs are white in this pic because I had on a funky sunscreen with zinc.  Maybe by summer I’ll post a new picture of my legs.  If you’ve read about all my 30 day challenges, you know I’m doing a leg challenge and a walk/run challenge, but so far, my legs look the same.  Having said that, it’s mostly because my body is used to the level of work in these challenges (okay maybe not the dailiness of the cardio), so my body is unlikely to respond with a dramatic change.  Now, if you have been sitting on the couch, you might get a faster and more dramatic change in your legs.  Note to all – dramatic changes in appearance usually come from dramatic changes in diet and exercise.




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