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20 Awesome and Perfectly Great Ways to Drink More Water Daily

I previously posted an article on the great importance of water to our health and to our waistline.  But even though we know it’s important, many of us still struggle to get in enough water daily.  The water isn’t going to drink itself, so you do have to make the effort, but there are ways to make drinking more water easier and more palatable.  I will tell you that it’s very easy once you get the habit in place.  I’m personally in the habit of not going anywhere, except the bathroom, without my water bottle.  I work from home most of the time, and my bottle of water goes from room to room with me.  When I leave the house, my water bottle is in my hand.  _MG_3631mesabar1

By the way, for as much water as you should be drinking, you don’t want to have the constant risk of exposure to chemicals present in plastics (BPA is not the only one).  I highly encourage you to always drink from glass.  I personally like Lifefactory bottles, but I also frequently reuse my kombucha bottles.  If you are outdoors a lot or in situations where you might be dropping your bottle (?), you might want a Lifefactory bottle with the silicone protector sleeve.

I don’t believe in wasting money on bottled water or flavored waters.  Invest in a good filter or filtration system for your house water.

Here are your tips and ideas on getting in more water:

  1. Every time you think of water or see or hear the word water or see water, drink some.
  2. Every time you feel any hunger, thirst, boredom, or fatigue reach for some water.
  3. Every time you drink a caffeinated beverage, drink an equal amount of water. This might help you cut down if you’re caffeine addicted.
  4. Get a water bottle (or other vessel) that you like and want to carry around with you.
  5. Use a water bottle that has measurements on it so you can keep up with how much you are drinking during the day, or have a 16 oz. bottle and know how many times you need to refill it and drink it during the day to get your quota (1/2 your bodyweight in ounces is a good target). For people who need at least a gallon a day, get a gallon jug (you can find glass ones) and fill it up each night and drink from it all day the next day.
  6. Download an app to your smartphone to remind you to drink water or make your own reminder system. There are some free apps out there to try like Daily Water and Water Alert.
  7. Develop a habit of drinking 16 ounces of water in the hour before a meal to help you eat less at the meal. At three meals per day, you’ll have 48 ounces from this habit alone.
  8. Pay yourself for every day that you hit your water goal. Some people have jars where they put a dollar for every pound they lose, etc.  Have a jar where you put a dollar (or whatever amount) into it for every time you drink 16 oz. or your total daily amount or however you want to break your goal down.
  9. If you want to feel fancy, fill your wine glass with water instead of wine. Alcohol is dehydrating and when you drink it, you just increase your body’s need for more water.
  10. Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 16 ounces of water. Drink before every meal, preferably.  Apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss and digestion and other things.
  11. Add herbs – Lavender, basil, lemon verbena, and mint work well (be sure to ‘bruise’ the leaves first to get more flavor). I grow herbs, so I often go pluck some from the garden and then heat them on really low in a pot of water for an ‘herbal tea’.  I most often do this with fennel and peppermint, both are great for digestion.  Grow your own stevia (it’s an herb) and crush some leaves to put it in your water to give it a sweet flavor.
  12. Add fruit – Slices of citrus fruit, frozen berries, frozen chunks of melon, frozen pineapple pieces
  13. Add fruit juice to your water to liven it up, but add no more than one tablespoon per 16 ounces and use only pure fruit juices. I recommend Lakewood juices.  *Even though it may be natural, fruit juice is too sugary, and I don’t recommend people drink glasses of fruit juice.
  14. Add veggies – Cucumber slices are the most popular for a ‘spa’ experience.
  15. Make flavored ice cubes – You can find all sorts of recipes on Pinterest (or elsewhere).
  16. Buy an aloe vera plant and cut a leaf and squeeze some juice into your water.  Aloe is good for your digestive system and will provide a unique flavor to your water.
  17. Eat more water based foods – This means eating more vegetables and some fruit.  Some of the ones with the highest water content are lettuce, cucumbers, watermelon, tomato, celery, radish, bell peppers…
  18. Drink herbal tea – This is what I do most often.  I like Yogi Tea, Traditional Medicinals, and Alvita.  *I also happen to sell NYR Organics herbal teas.  Choose herbs and herb blends based on your health needs.
  19. Drink sparkling mineral water – Sparkling mineral water is a good choice for those that like carbonation, plus you get some minerals.  I will add sparkling water to my plain water.  I also really like adding sparkling water to my herbal tea to make something akin to a carbonated beverage.  *This is good for those trying to ween off sodas.
  20. Drink a kombucha and when it gets down to about 10-20% left in the bottle, fill the bottle back up with water. Some days I will keep adding water before ever letting it get empty to prolong the flavor.

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