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Moving Your Body Differently Daily For Health & Fat Loss

Perhaps you’ve heard that you should change up your workout routine on a regular basis. This is true. Sure, you might want to do it because you get bored easily or just like to explore new things, but there are other reasons.

First, let me state that I’m not talking strictly about your workout routine, but simply moving your body differently daily or at least pretty regularly. This may mean trying a new exercise or it could be walking to your mailbox sideways or backwards. Moving your body in a different manner than it is accustomed to does not have to be restricted to a new exercise you learned.

By moving your body differently every day, you help ensure two positive things: 1. That all your muscles and joints and ligaments and tendons, etc get used on a regular basis which helps to keep them supple and not lead to muscle wasting, joint stiffness, muscle imbalances, etc. and 2. That your body does not become efficient at movement which leads to less overall calorie burn and metabolic boost and less growth potential. When your body is inefficient at something it uses more fuel (just like a car that is not fuel efficient). If you are looking for fat loss, keep your workouts varied. Even if walking is your sole form of daily movement, change your speed, location, direction, etc.

So, to keep your body healthy and your metabolism boosted, try to move your body in a new or different way each day. This could be for even just a few minutes. You could try one round of new exercise/movement anywhere in your day or along with your exercise routine or you could go all out and change your exercise routine every day (although not the best strategy for muscle gain , by the way).

In this vein, I plan to post an exercise of the day on the blog regularly (although perhaps not daily – sorry!). Until I have lots of those on the site, check out the Ways to Get In More Movement guide I have posted under Free Guides. And go ahead and check out my Why Exercise? guide too.

Hamster Getting a Workout on Spinning Wheel

Get Off the Wheel & Change It Up

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