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Tabata Intervals – Great Way to Exercise for Fat Loss

For those of you that know what Tabatas are, it is true that they can be effective for fat loss, especially for getting rid of visceral fat (the bad fat around your organs that leads to disease).

For those of you unfamiliar with Tabata, it is a form of high intensity interval training, but it is really short in duration.  It is named Tabata for the professor that came up with and studied the method.  A Tabata is interval training that lasts for four minutes and consists of intervals of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest repeated eight times to equal four minutes.  Ideally, you are pushing as hard as you can during the 20 seconds and doing an exercise that is not easy.

Tabatas have been shown in studies to enhance both the cardiovascular system and muscular development.  These intervals boost your metabolism during the workout, and studies show that Tabata intervals are highly effective for boosting fat burn for hours after the Tabata is over.

While you might see Tabata workouts that involve stringing together several Tabatas for a thirty minute workout (or some other time longer than four minutes), Professor Tabata has stated that the intent (and the studies he based on) of the interval is that you go so hard that you cannot do more than four minutes.  So, I recommend not doing more than one round in a workout, but I do recommend that you incorporate Tabata intervals into your workouts three or four times per week for better fitness and fat loss.

There are many exercises that can be used for Tabata intervals, and some that are not as good choices.  For example, all out sprints are a good choice, but deadlifts probably aren’t.  You can also mix and match exercises within the four minutes.  For example, you could alternate between jumping lunges and jumping jacks.  You could even do up to eight different exercises during the eight cycles.

Just a few of the exercises that can be used: jumping jacks, sprints, stationary bike sprints, burpees, jump squats, jumping lunges, kettlebell swings, med ball toss, indoor rower, mountain climbers, jump rope…

While it can be hard to perfectly time a Tabata with just your watch, there are several Tabata timer Apps available.  Find an app, download it, and get started doing Tabatas today!



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