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Welcome! So, what the heck is this website all about?! Mostly about health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, movement, green living, and just about anything that relates to living a health promoting lifestyle. You’ll find blogs on a wide variety of topics (whatever I’m thinking about or into that day or requested by a follower). You’ll find recipes, food and supplement buying guides, information on seminars, and eventually some exercise and cooking videos. Enjoy browsing the site for ideas on how to make your life healthier.

Give Yourself a 30 Day Challenge – Every Month

I like 30 day challenges, but I’m not usually consistent.  This is a problem.  I read once that it didn’t matter what diet or fitness progam that you chose, that as long as you were consistent, you would get results.  I suppose I mostly agree with that.  Might not be the exact results you want, […]

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DIY Bath Salts

Bath salts are wonderful for creating an enjoyable, relaxing bath, but they can be pricey and many have synthetic fragrance and other chemicals involved.  Since you don’t want to be soaking up chemicals into our skin, and you like saving money, here’s a recipe to make your own bath salts.  You can alter the ingredients to make […]

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How to Do a Detox Bath

Detox baths are simple and easy and improve your health.  Try a detox bath two to three times per week. *If you do heavy exercise, I recommend doing your detox bath on the days that you do your hardest workouts.  I try to lift heavy on Mondays and Thursdays and thus, try to take my […]

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Homemade Hair Lightener

Often times when summer rolls around, I think about lightening my hair, but I have never used chemicals on my hair, so I always think about ways to use the sun and natural ingredients.  I recently came across this recipe for lightening hair that I thought I’d share.  Please keep in mind that this is […]

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DIY – Anti-Aging Face Treatments (Some Are Edible!)

Why spend a fortune on ant-aging face masks and other face treatments that may contain questionable ingredients, when you can make your own low cost treatments from ingredients you can find in the produce section at the market? Below are a few recipes for natural anti-aging facial treatments, including some that you can eat the […]

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Why Use an Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser?

I recently got an essential oil diffuser and I love it!  There are different types and brands on the market, but the one that I got is one from NYR Organic.  It features LED color lights (changes colors) and also doubles as a mini-humidifier (really great in winter months). You might know by now that […]

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Purifying Room Spray Recipe

This homemade room spray is great for winter as the cinnamon in it is very warming.  I highly encourage you to make your own room spray rather than buying stuff from the store that is full of harmful chemicals.  *If you must buy some air freshener – Check my household products buying guide.   This […]

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Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

‘Tis the season for cold and flu bugs and other bad germs to start getting spread around rampantly.  Unfortunately, many people will turn to massive amounts of toxic hand sanitizer during this time.  Hand sanitizer is another one of those things developed for modern convenience, a replacement for washing hands with good old fashioned soap […]

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Anti-Aging Papaya Face Mask & Treat

Make yourself a papaya and yogurt face mask and then eat the unused portion.  By applying it to your face and eating it, you benefit your skin in two ways. Papaya contains the antioxidants vitamin C and beta-carotene.  Antioxidants fight free radicals that damage our skin and make it look older.  Papaya contains an enzyme […]

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Aloe Face Mask

Most of us know that aloe gel is good on burns and sunburns.  It’s great for soothing the skin because it moisturizes and calms the skin.  Which is why an aloe mask is great for your face.  If you want to add moisture to your skin and/or soothe inflammation (like rosacea or acne), then consider an aloe […]

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