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Welcome! So, what the heck is this website all about?! Mostly about health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, movement, green living, and just about anything that relates to living a health promoting lifestyle. You’ll find blogs on a wide variety of topics (whatever I’m thinking about or into that day or requested by a follower). You’ll find recipes, food and supplement buying guides, information on seminars, and eventually some exercise and cooking videos. Enjoy browsing the site for ideas on how to make your life healthier.

How to Choose the Best Fish for Your Health & The Environment

You’ve probably heard by now that fish is healthy for you, but some fish can be toxic, most notably having too much mercury.  I’m personally not a big fish eater from a taste perspective, but I do eat fish regularly for my health.  And since I don’t just love fish, I stick to eating the […]

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An Organic, Raw, Whole Foods Diet? What Does That Mean?

Should you adopt an organic, raw, whole foods based diet? What exactly does that mean and what are the benefits? Let me break this down to into three separate ideas first. Whole foods. Raw foods. Organic foods.     What is a whole foods diet? One that is made up of foods that are mostly in their […]

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Why I Applaud Chik-fil-A, Even Though I Don’t Eat There

Chik-fil-A restaurants have a reputation as offering healthier fare than other fast food restaurants. To a certain degree, perhaps. But given that I eat organic and/or pastured meats and organic vegetables and no grains and no trans-fats and no omega-6 vegetable oils and no food additives (chemicals), I don’t think the food at Chik-fil-A qualifies […]

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Health Benefits of Strawberries

My husband and I grow strawberries. The types of strawberries we have are all coming in right now. They really just started coming in the last week or so, but I already have to pick them daily to keep up. Since it is strawberry season (for us), I thought I’d take a moment to discuss […]

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Calories – Should You Care?

I admit that it’s hard to let go of the calorie concept for eating and exercising. There is so much science and research surrounding calories and I’m a big sucker for science and research. But I’m also quite aware of the fact that prior to the last forty to fifty years, the average person had […]

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