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Anti-Aging Supplements

A clean, whole foods diet, lots of water, moderate exercise, good digestive health, and a toxin free lifestyle will help slow the aging of your entire body, inside and out.  But there are supplements that will help slow aging.  *See my list of brain health supplements to slow the aging of your brain.


MAGNESIUM – Magnesium helps everything.   It’s involved in over 300 processes in the body.  Here is what I recommend:  Source Naturals Magnesium Serene (it tastes good!).  If you have never used a magnesium citrate formula, start with 400 mg dose.  Any dose above that can cause loose bowels (not urgent diarrhea, just loose bowels), however, some people do well with higher doses.  *Read more on magnesium under vitamins & minerals.

FISH OIL – Most of us know that fish oil is good for everything.  I first recommend that you eat wild caught salmon and sardines for fish oil.  If you don’t eat either or eat enough, get a high quality fish oil supplement.  I recommend buying a fish oil that is natural triglyceride form which is the most absorbable form for your body.  I suggest 1,000mg per day.  If you eat wild caught salmon or sardines, you likely don’t need to take a fish oil on the days you eat those fish.  If you are generally healthy and eat about 16 ounces of fish per week, then you may not need to take fish oil at all.  *Keep your fish oil in the refrigerator to protect the fragile oil.  I have always liked Nordic Naturals brand.  Vital Choice makes quality fish oil.

ALPHA – LIPOIC ACID – An antioxidant that helps protect us from glucose triggered oxidation which ages us.  There are many good Alpha-Lipoic supplements on the market, including this one from Jarrow Formulas.

VITAMINS C & E – These two vitamins are considered potent antioxidants.  See vitamin and mineral recommendations.

SELENIUM & ZINC – These two minerals are considered potent antioxidants.  Zinc helps to fight acne.  See vitamin and mineral recommendations.

ANTIOXIDANTS – There are many forms of antioxidants.  We can get antioxidants through consuming clean sources of whole foods, but when our diet is enough or we just don’t take in enough variety of brightly colored fruits and veggies, we can use a greens supplement powder to get in more antioxidants.  There are many good greens supplements on the market, so check them out and see what appeals to you.  Preferably choose one that is using mostly organic veggies and fruits.  I like Amazing Grass.



COLLAGEN – Our collagen levels decline as we age.  We can get collagen by drinking homemade bone broth, and we can boost collagen production in our bodies with vitamin C rich foods and supplements.  I do recommend a collagen supplement, but I recommend it be collagen protein from grass-fed cows.  I’m currently using Great Lakes Collagen Hydrosolate.

CoQ10 – CoQ10 is important for our heart health and is an overall antioxidant.  But when it comes to skin and a youthful appearance, CoQ10 is important for shedding dead skin cells, so that new ones can emerge.  CoQ10 depletes with age and with intense exercise.  Several good CoQ10 supplements exist.  I like this one from Jarrow Formulas.  *Please note that CoQ10 is best absorbed with fat, so it should be taken with your highest fat meal of the day.  You can take 200mg to 300mg, the high end if you have a proven deficiency or are currently taking or have recently taken statins.  Statin drugs deplete CoQ10 from the body and supplementation is necessary with statins.

VITAMIN B COMPLEX –  I love the B vitamins because they do so much for our health, but when it comes to anti-aging and skin health, B vitamins support new skin growth and healing and our overall skin health.  See vitamin and mineral recommendations.